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The story of our family winery has started in 2014 with only a few hectares of vines – since then we have been making wines from 15 hectares and three different parcels in Balatonfüred and Balatonszőlős. Sustainable farming and organic wines are the essentials of our philosophy, just as the most important variety of the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region, the olaszrizling.

Besides that pinot gris, merlot and zweigelt give the basis of our wines and cuvées, but we are constantly experimenting, studying and developing our plantations to show the character of our vineyards and the way we see the world around.

We do not have decades of experience or generations of winemakers behind us, but there is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional team with whom we are better acquainted with the potential of our plantations day by day.



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